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Liaoyang Yifeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, the company was founded in 2009. The company is mainly engaged in building waterproof materials. It is a high-tech waterproof professional manufacturer integrating scientific research, raw material production sales in the waterproof industry. It is a new star rising in the waterproof industry in recent years. At present, the company has a total of 12 categories more than 100 specifications of waterproof materials, including asphalt type waterproof roll, self-adhesive type waterproof roll, pre / wet paving waterproof roll, polymer type waterproof roll, etc., which makes our products always become pioneers advocates in the same field, ensuring the leading position in the industry technology. Our products are suitable for roofs, floors, walls, toilets, pools, gutters, awnings, airports, highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. The main features of the product are non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, construction without open water, the surface of waterproof layer can be directly decorated

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