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KSoftNet (Kumah's Software And Networking) was an initiative by Three Experience software Developers who has worked with many prominent companies in Ghana. It was officially established in Tema to help create innovative and customer centric applications to help boost the technology age in the country. We are a private software development company in Ghana. We are among the country's top software development with the lowest prices. We are also into Artificial Intelligence and data science. Since our inception we have proved our capability through evidence of high quality products. We have being beckoned to be a SILICON Company in Ghana. Our customers say we are the best software company in Ghana.


The purpose of KSoftNet is to provide high standard software products to our customers at affordable prices and serve our customers genuinely and profitably in a good way to ensure that the public continues to patronize at KSoftNet.


We aim to organize our customers data effectively,accessibly and make it a focal decision point that affect the overall cooperate decision.

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We have remained at the forefront of several innovations, which have been largely driven by the dynamic trends of the consuming public. For the past decade, we have used modern technology in our operations. This has lessen some of the cumbersome manual operations and improved security in monetary and data management. Recognizing the growth in the data collection in Ghana, we introduced onto the market the high data manipulation software to provide a smooth ride in response to the high demand and technological trends. Most of the our software products have manual and documentations that bring to fore,the core vision of making data accessible to customers and users.

Our data analysis employs a variety of analytical tools and systems that make our research outcomes the needed insight for informed decisions. As a matter of fact, our research effectively appraise market conditions and offer recommendations that are informed by international standards and best practices. As a result, we offer high quality data. We use past and current data collection tools to inform our analytical work. We also recognize the unique national or local context in which a particular firm or a state operates and use international benchmark studies and peer comparisons whenever it is deemed necessary in conducting our analysis.

We have experienced complex and severe operating environment in Ghana but nevertheless, we achieved stable progress for the past years. We focus on quality, data analyses and upgrading. we have facilitated transformation of growth pattern as well as structural adjustment. We forseen ahead with our work in all aspects and has achieved better-than-expected performance results. The company recorded an annual sales increased of 40% in 2017, paid our taxes and generated a profit of 20% of our total revenue.

Our main focus is to be the leader in the artificial intelligence and data science community in Ghana. We spend most of our resources on understanding new algorithms and implementing strategic development algorithms to help boost our software development processs. Creativity and innovation has being seen in all our software products and services. We have created nice user interface and interactive Mobile Applications, Web Applications and Desktop Applications for our customers.